Wholesome Tots

Working for a startup is always a pleasure. Especially if it is one that I wholeheartedly resonate with. Wholesome Tots is the brainchild of Nicky Storey and offers a healthy snack delivery service for kids. On the menu are mainly baked goods that are wholesome, healthy, organic, with allergen-free options throughout (gluten free, nuts free, dairy free). Here is the website: Wholesome Tots

I helped Nicky out with the logo design and the labels for the bags in which the frozen goods will be delivered. Have a look through the pictures. The logo’s emphasis is on the word TOTS: the “o” (which is a perfect/wholesome circle) contains an iconic toddler’s cutlery, communicating the food & kids aspect. While the brand currently “just” focusses on delivering snacks, there are plans to broaden the portfolio to ready made toddler meals to simply heat up.

I’ll also attach a selection of some rejected ideas. While I am very happy with the chosen direction for numerous reasons, as a designer I just love exploring visual directions. Sometimes it’s a shame that you can only choose ONE logo. (Yes, damn you, classic corporate design rules!)

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