Standing Spoon Brewery

It was a no brainer, when Caroline and Ondrej Novak, founders of Standing Spoon Brewery Auckland, asked me to do the labels for the bottles of the first 6 brews they planned to launch with. The 6 beers were: 1) “Tall, Dark & Alt”, a german Alt beer, 2) “All Terrain”, a german Koelsch beer, 3) “Second Breakfast”, a wheat beer, 4+5)”Bohemian Day” + “Bohemian Night”, 2 versions of a Czech Lager beer and 6) “Blondes Have More Fun” (I can’t remember what kind of beer that was…). Despite having definite ideas (taste, colours, ingredients, carbonation etc.) for each final product, the process was still unrefined and was intended to be explored along the way. Playing on this “raw” quality, the “planning phase” of a project, we decided to give the first 6 labels a handmade, rough feel. It was an incredibly rewarding, fun, passionate project to work on. I’ll attach some visuals of the development.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen production problems, only one of the labels, the “Tall, Dark & Alt” made it into the pubs and onto the licquor shop shelfs. As of now the production is on hold, but fingers cross it’ll be picked up again one day soon!

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