I made these collages a couple of weeks after the move to New Zealand. I remember vividly how impressed I was with the corporate design of a specific area in Auckland downtown, right after the main train station: Britomart. This area was quite unspectacular when I first saw it: there was a big and ugly parking space, almost no bars, restaurants, shops around, just a big supermarket further down the street. It was just under constructions and there were big plans ahead, so you could feel the potential lying in this location. One thing that particularly impressed me was the typographic design that “beautified” the ugly construction set. Look at one of the last collages: you see how the word “grow” grows over the top margin of the wall. Cool, no?

I took some pictures of the buildings & textures and made those artworks. I know they’re old, but I still like them. They remind me of the excitement of new beginnings.

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